With a heart full of love, a life full of Jesus and a body ready for mercy after a strongly fought battle with
Huntingtons Disease, Stacy Dawn (Felman) Miller passed away on 12/22/2021 at the Cottage in the
Meadows at the age of 41. Stacy loved everyone and fought with courage right until the end. She is
finally free of the burdens of this dreadful disease and is walking with Jesus.

Stacy left everyone who met her with a deep joy and knowledge that there was a God. She was happy to
the end, always joyful, never complaining, and with a big smile. She would share with anyone about Jesus.
To have met Stacy was to see the heart of God.

Stacy was a daughter, sister, mother and friend. May your memory be eternal. You continue to live in
love, respect, and light in the hearts of your family and friends. Your kindness has been paid forward
countless times and you are remembered with love.

A celebration of the amazing life of Stacy (Felman) Miller!!!
Memorial Service on 01/08/2022

Video Tribute to Stacy

Stacy would not want us sad today. She would want you to know her Jesus!