Custom Software Applications

The success of any business depends on correct planning and implementation of proper business processes.

We provide professional software development that automates business processes, allowing more efficient communications between employees, partners and customers. We design custom, database-driven applications to meet your unique business requirements, from conceptualization through implementation, testing and beyond.

We have extensive experience in providing our clients with custom software applications both for the Macintosh and Windows operating environments. We specialize in creating cost-effective, scalable solutions.

A custom application, offers specialized data management applying rules you, the customer define during the development cycle.

Our systems are designed for maximum usability and flexibility, benefiting from years of experience in creating both custom and commercial database applications utilizing the latest development techniques.

Some examples of what our custom applications do...


Nightly automated processing
Software driven E-Mail engine
Analyze data and produce reports
Provide dynamic content
Word Processing database
Reduce paperwork and paper trails
Hard copy document database

We offer...


Multi-user, client/server database design
Databases accessible via mobile devices
Enterprise-wide, workgroup, and distributed database systems
Complete needs analysis and project management
Database consulting, training and maintenance
Evaluation, enhancement, and optimization of existing systems
E-commerce consulting

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